The Prodigal Third Post

I'm an awful procrastinator. My entire life/career, I have habitually put off things that were most important and urgent for things that were fun or cool. Even when these things were very challenging and/or didn't pay dick. Also, my idea of "fun" and "cool" are likely not congruous with most. I.e. an MLB spreadsheet for my potential fake baseball team or designing a t-shirt for a non-existent seafood chain restaurant in a very nonexistent D&D-iverse.

Don't be too alarmed – I come thru on most deadlines, but still routinely put off things arbitrarily. I spent almost a decade in a culture of basically never being late on clients' projects – pretty much torture. Now that I'm flying solo, things like fixing my website, SEO, posting regularly here, putting up something cool on Instagram each day to generate some Likes and self-worth, drawing that picture of my great aunt that was commissioned (6) months ago, et cetera, get shoved further and further back in the recesses of my mind and to-do list.

And of course, almost a parody of myself, I have a sizable amount of click-bait productivity articles on managing procrastination saved in my Reading List folder below my URL window or in my Pocket.

Taking the :10 to haphazardly slap this on the web is a nice step, and you know what they say about knowing